Pension Plan

Pension insurance plans, also known as annuity plans or pension schemes, are financial products designed to provide individuals with a regular income stream during their retirement years. These plans are intended to supplement other sources of retirement income, such as government-sponsored pension programs or personal savings, to ensure financial stability and support after an individual stops working.

Pension Plan
  • Living benefits
  • Accidental cover benefits
  • Death cover benefits
  • Tax Benefit

    Upto 39%

  • Cover Till Age

    70 Years

  • 24 hr

    Claim Support

* Tax benefit is subject to change in tax laws. * Standard T&C Apply
* Bonus rate is subjected to the insurance company
* Calculation based on 30 years old healthy person on Endowment plan

Pay रु 44,475 premium per year and save up to रु 180,000 in tax-free income*

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  1. Contributions: Individuals make contributions to the pension insurance plan over their working years. These contributions can be made through regular premiums or lump-sum payments. The contributions are typically invested and grow over time.

  2. Accumulation Phase: During the accumulation phase, the contributions made by the policyholder, along with any investment returns, accumulate and grow. The funds are invested in various assets, such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, depending on the plan provider and the policyholder's preferences and risk tolerance.

  3. Retirement Income: Upon reaching the retirement age specified in the plan, policyholders have several options to receive their retirement income. These options typically include converting the accumulated funds into a regular stream of pension-like payments, which can be received monthly, quarterly, or annually. The income received helps cover living expenses during retirement.

  4. Tax Considerations: The tax treatment of pension insurance plans varies depending on the country and specific regulations. In some cases, contributions to the plan may be tax-deductible, reducing the policyholder's taxable income during their working years. However, the income received during retirement is generally taxable.

Pension insurance plans are designed to provide individuals with a reliable income source during retirement, ensuring financial security and stability. They complement other retirement income sources and help individuals maintain their standard of living after they stop working. It is essential to carefully review the terms, fees, annuity options, and tax implications associated with pension insurance plans. Consulting with a financial advisor or retirement planning professional can help determine the most suitable plan based on individual goals, risk tolerance, and retirement income needs.