Retirement Plan

Retirement insurance plans, also known as retirement savings plans or pension plans, are financial products designed to help individuals accumulate savings and secure a steady income during their retirement years. These plans are specifically tailored to provide financial stability and support after the individual stops working and no longer has a regular salary or income.

Retirement Plan
  • Living benefits
  • Accidental cover benefits
  • Death cover benefits
  • Tax Benefit

    Upto 39%

  • Cover Till Age

    70 Years

  • 24 hr

    Claim Support

* Tax benefit is subject to change in tax laws. * Standard T&C Apply
* Bonus rate is subjected to the insurance company
* Calculation based on 30 years old healthy person on Endowment plan

Pay रु 44,475 premium per year and save up to रु 180,000 in tax-free income*

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Retirement Income: Upon reaching the retirement age specified in the plan, policyholders have several options to access their accumulated funds. These options may include receiving a regular pension-like income, withdrawing a lump sum, or choosing a combination of both. The income received is designed to provide a steady stream of funds to support the policyholder's living expenses during retirement.

Tax Benefits: Retirement insurance plans often come with tax advantages, depending on the specific tax laws and regulations of the country. Contributions made to the plan may be tax-deductible, and the growth within the plan may be tax-deferred, meaning that taxes are deferred until the funds are withdrawn during retirement.

Retirement insurance plans play a crucial role in helping individuals build savings and create a financial safety net for their retirement years. They provide individuals with the opportunity to accumulate wealth over time and ensure a stable income stream when they are no longer actively working. It is important to carefully consider the terms, fees, investment options, and retirement income options offered by different retirement insurance plans. Consulting with a financial advisor or retirement planning professional can assist in selecting the most suitable plan based on individual goals, risk tolerance, and retirement needs.